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Youth Ministry

One of our major callings is in the area of youth / young adults empowerment. We are very passionate about the emotional, spiritual & physical development of our youths.

To this end, we have programs geared towards assisting youths / young adults to know who they are in Christ, thereby avoiding identity crisis that has become prevalent within this age group.

The youths / young adults of today are faced with numerous challenges that are different from those of the past. With the ongoing exponential change in information and communication technology, the kind of distractions being experienced by youths / young adults now were relatively nonexistent some years ago

Children Ministry

Our children ministry is of utmost importance. Our prayer and teachings are to nurture and ensure every child would come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour and evolve into having holiness in their daily lifestyle.

Our programs are geared towards every child having a thorough understanding of who God is and the eternal happiness they have in Jesus through God’s grace and knowing the consequences of disobeying God.

Women Ministry

Since part of our vision as a church is the upliftment of families spiritually, physically, and financially, the Most High God has blessed us with a very loving set of mothers and mothers to be.

We, therefore, have a spirit filled women ministry that organizes inspiring programs that tremendously impact the lives of women.

This ministry from time to time also meets to review how they can be better Christians, mothers, and wives to the glory of The Most High God. Every woman in the church is automatically a member of this ministry.

Men Ministry

Coming Soon

Great Marcy Outreach Ministry

Great Mercy Outreach Ministry’s mission is to enhance the dignity and quality of life of families, individuals, and communities in Middle Tennessee, by ensuring food security by providing nutritious and wholesome food and meals to those in need.

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